Tsarino 2011

Tsarino 2011 – Aug 2011

I was lucky enough to participate in the 2011 Tsario Foundation Residency Programme. Tsarino is a deserted village without electricity and running water and home to a lot of wild tortoises! Very close to the border with Greece, it is located in the Rhodope mountain region in Kurdzhali, Bulgaria. Nearly the entire former population left Tsarino just before the fall of communism. Now that there’s only one remaining inhabitant, Tsarino has been removed from the map. The residency involved making new work for an exhibition in a nearby village called Chorbadzhiysko.

I designed this poster which was pinned up in a few different villages. That’s me by the bin! ‘ЦАРИНО’ means Tsarino and ‘Давид Питър Керр’ is my name written in Cyrillic.

I also exhibited a new series of drawings and prints based on some research I had been doing about search engines, operating systems, google, facebook, free software and open source technology. You can read a review of the exhibition in Edno magazine here and on the Rebel:Art blog here.

Here are some close ups of the drawings I exhibited. This one is titled ‘Usage share of web search engines March 2011.’

This one was titled, ‘Очаквана дялова печалба на google maps от Царино 2011′ which means ‘Predicted profit share for google maps from Tsarino 2011.′

There is also a lovely film about the residency.