Rich Pictures and Visual Ethnography

Recently I have been working on a number of research projects in the fields of Urban and Environmental Studies. I am in the process of trying to develop and adapt methods developed by a number of academics in this field. Rich pictures can be described as a flexible graphical technique used to represent a situation, problem or concept (Horan 2000). They were developed as part of Peter Checkland’s Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) and by the System Group at the Open University UK. I have been using them as a means to gain an overview of various urban and environmental phenomena in different geographic areas and institutions as part of broader research projects. To further develop and specify the rich pictures I have also been researching the use of drawing in ethnographic observations (Kuschnir 2016).

Pasted below are examples of a few Rich Pictures I’ve worked on.

 Rich Picture of environmental impact of a household in Helsinki

 Rich Picture showing social control and ethnographic observations in a suburban part of Southern Finland.

  Rich Picture of environmental impact of University Art and Design College Campus

Rich Picture of University Art and Design College Campus ICT System