Common Perspectives

I designed a poster and co-curated this film screening event in collaboration with Paula Larkin as part of the 2011 Document 9 Film Festival’s off site event. A selection of short films about poverty and alternative approaches to welfare reform like the Citizens Basic Income were screened and followed by a short talk and discussion facilitated by Ailsa Mackay.

In addition to the event I also designed a website and e-survey to accompany the project. Here’s the blurb from the original site:

Common Perspectives is an E-Survey and Report Website. The aim of the site and the surveys is to garner views of people living in Scotland and across the World on the relationship between culture and economic growth.

The underlying premise of the site is to challenge and assess peoples views regarding whether or not economic growth is a prerequisite for a prosperous society and flourishing culture.

Our first survey takes influence from a text by Anthropologist and Curator Sylvain Froidveaux titled: ‘Basic Income as a Socio-Political Prospect.’ The survey is now online. Please click here to download an essay by Sylvain Froidveaux as background information. Please click here to participate in the survey.

Forthcoming Documents Film Festival Event:

A selection of short films about poverty and alternative approaches to welfare reform such as a Citizens Basic Income.
1.30pm – 3.30pm
Sat 19th March 2011
Free Admission

Screening & Discussing:

Sylvain Froidevaux
“Onesimus Paradox and the Basic Income as A New Economy Alternative”

Slavoj Zizek at the RSA
First As Tragedy, Then as Farce: The economic crisis and the end of global capitalism

Making a Difference –
“Stories from the Fight Against Poverty in Scotland”

Part of the 2011 Glasgow Reshuffle…
The Pearce Institute
840 860 Govan Road
G51 3UU