Rich Pictures and Visual Ethnography – 2017

Recently I have been working on a number of research projects in the fields of Urban and Environmental Studies. I am in the process of trying to develop and adapt methods developed by a number of academics in this field. You can see more examples here.

Rich Picture showing social control and ethnographic observations in a suburban part of Southern Finland.

New Publications for 2017

I have comics and cartoons published in a few new publications including issue 16 of Komikaze and a new book from Centrala called, ‘Wake up.’

Cover Illustrations – Left ‘Komikaze #17,’ and right, ‘Wake Up.’ Covers not by me.

I also have a cartoon in a new publication of cartoons celebrating Karl Marx titled, ‘I’ll have the last laugh yet.’ The book is a collection of Cartoons that were commended in the Tony Farsky International Marx Bicentenary Cartoon, Poster and Caricature Competition.

A cartoon I made about UBI featured in the 2017 Tony Farsky International Marx Bicentenary Cartoon, Poster and Caricature Competition Book

More info below.

I’ll have the last laugh yet! Karl Marx 1818-2018 in cartoons

Book cover – not by me.

Just in time for Xmas – an enjoyable book of caricatures and cartoons of Karl Marx with short quotations from the man himself, commemorating 200 years since his birth.
This year the Ken Sprague Fund organised the Tony Farsky International Karl Marx Bicentenary Cartoon and Caricature Competition. It was designed to coincide with the bicentenary of his birth on 5 May 2018. Cartoonists and caricaturists from around the world were invited to submit art works that in some way commemorated Marx and his significance. Over 200 works were submitted by over 50 artists.
A selection of the winners and those works that were highly commended have been compiled in a book with the title, I’ll have the last laugh yet! Karl Marx 1818-2018 in cartoons. The caricatures are displayed alongside short quotations taken from Marx’s works.

Cartoonist Martin Rowson says of the book:

‘I got my first big break doing gags about Karl Marx. The point, however, is that so did he. Any idiot who thinks of Marx as a dour “humourless leftie” has never read him, and probably never met a proper leftie either. This splendid book should put them right on both counts.’

I’ll have the last laugh yet! Karl Marx 1818-2018 in cartoons

ISBN: 9780955822896

Pbck. Price: £8.99

Wholesale distributor Central Books or from the publisher

For further information please contact – Artery Publications, 11 Dorset Road, London W5 4HU; email:

Lancet Diabetes Journal – Diabetes 2017

 The last illustration for Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal for 2017. This one was for an article about addressing non-communicable diseases in urban Africa.

Lancet Diabetes Journal – November 2017

An illustration for a paper titled: “The effect of iodine supplementation in mildly iodine-deficient pregnantwomen on child development: a randomized, double-bind, placebo-controlled trial.” The paper was from studies conducted in Bangkok and Bangalore.

Documentation of BLOK exhibition, Zagreb – October 2017

Documentation of an exhibition in Zagreb in which I presented a series of illustrations, publications and texts pieces exploring housing struggles in Glasgow. The exhibition is titled, ‘A Noose around your neck until you die,’ in English and was curated by the amazing team at BLOK.

Click here to view the project.

Photo Credit: Artists for the Neighbourhood / Damir Žižić for [BLOK]
Photo Credit: Artists for the Neighbourhood / Damir Žižić for [BLOK]
Photo Credit: Artists for the Neighbourhood / Damir Žižić for [BLOK]


Lancet Diabetes – October 2017

An illustration for the October edition of the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal for an article titled: ‘The association of dietary nutrients with blood lipids and blood pressure in 18 countries: a cross-sectional analysis from the PURE study.’


The Housing Question – Upcoming Exhibition 2017

In October I will be exhibiting some comics, cartoons and other work about the housing crisis in the UK and Glasgow in particular as part of a duo show titled, ‘Berlin Glasgow – parallel readings,’ at the Blok project space in Zagreb. I will post more information about the show soon.


Lancet Diabetes – September 2017

An illustration for a paper titled, ‘A protocol for commercial pilots with insulin-treated diabetes in the UK.’ The paper was essentially about pilots with diabetes winning the right to fly commercial airlines.

Lancet Diabetes – August 2017

An Illustration for the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology for a new Commission on Diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Lancet Diabetes – July 2017

A cover illustration for the July edition of the Lancet journal of Diabetes and Endocrinolgy for an article titled: “10 years of denosumab treatment in postmenopausal
women with osteoporosis: results from the phase 3 randomised FREEDOM trial and open-label extension.”

Lancet Diabetes – June 2017

An illustration for the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology for an article titled: “Elimination of iodine deficiency disorders from the Americas: a public health triumph.”

Election Poster – May 2017

 A friendly election poster. Also available to download here. This was also published on the Red Pepper website and I let Momentum non-exclusively use it for some T-shirts and Totes.

International Biennal of Humour – May 2017

For followers in Bulgaria, I have a cartoon in the 23. International Biennial of Humour & Satire in Gabrovo – 19 May. For more information visit their website:

Lancet Diabetes – May 2017

A cover for the May edition of the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology for an article titled: “Exercise management in type 1 diabetes: a consensus

Lancet Diabetes – April 2017

A cover for the April edition of the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology for an article titled: “Incidence of microvascular disease over up to 26 years of
follow-up after bariatric surgery or usual care in patients with obesity, stratified by baseline glycaemic status: a post-hoc analysis of participants from the Swedish Obese Subjects (SOS) study.”

Treehouse Comic – Cover Illustration – March 2017

A cover for the Scottish Comics Anthology, ‘Treehouse.’ There is also a Black and White version of my recent, ‘Friends or Foes,’ in the anthology along with lots of other great stories by lots of great artists.

Lancet Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology – March 2017

An illustration for the March edition of the Lancet journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology for an article titled: “Objective assessment of dietary patterns by use of metabolic phenotyping: a randomised, controlled, crossover trial.”

Friends or Foes – February 2017

I have a new colour e-comic available to buy from my payhip shop. It will be available to buy in print in BW in the new edition of the Treehouse comics anthology and I am also
in the process of getting an A6 edition printed in colour.

Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology- February 2017

For the February edition of the Lancet Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology I was asked to illustrate two different journal articles in one illustration. The articles were titled, ‘Closed-loop insulin delivery in inpatients with type 2 diabetes: a randomised, parallel-group trial,’ and, ‘Efficacy of sitagliptin for the hospital management of
general medicine and surgery patients with type 2 diabetes (Sita-Hospital): a multicentre, prospective, open-label, non-inferiority randomised trial.’

Anxious Portraits in the Hermitage – January 2017

The little publication I designed for the Anxious Portraiture exhibition (see previous blog post) has been catalogued in the library of the State Hermitage museum, St Petersburg.

Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology- January 2017

An illustration for the Lancet Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology for an article titled, “Infection and antibiotic use in infancy and risk of childhood
obesity: a longitudinal birth cohort study.”

Lancet Infectious Diseases – December 2016

An Illustration for the cover of the December edition of the Lancet Infectious Diseases for an article titled: ‘Enhanced performance feedback and patient participation to improve hand hygiene compliance of health-care workers
in the setting of established multimodal promotion: a single-centre, cluster randomised controlled trial.’

Enjoyable Conversations on Bikes – November 2016

The first page of a new comic series I am working that you can find in the new edition of Treehouse.


Political Cartoon Awards – November 2016

I have a cartoon in the running for the U/K 2016 Political cartoon of the year awards that’s open to public voting now, it’s a pretty corporate affair unfortunately. Here is the link if you would like to vote –

Lancet Infectious Diseases – November 2016

An illustration for the November edition of the Lancet for an article titled, ‘Incidence of human T-lymphotropic virus 1 infection in adolescent and adult blood donors in Japan: a nationwide retrospective cohort analysis.’

Ink and Pixels – Exhibition – Oct 2016

Some original drawings from my, ‘Enjoyable Conversations in Glasgow,’ comic are on display in this show at the Dundee Creative
Comics Space along with work by other contributors to the Treehouse anthology. Worth a look.

Not by the book – Exhibition – Oct 2016

Some pictures of my work in the ‘Not by the book,’ exhibition at the Intermedia space in the CCA, Glasgow in October. Well worth a look. More information here.

Anxious Portraiture Exhibition – October 2016

Documentation of show I organised with the help of my friend Chris Fleming at the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow in October.
Featuring the work of lots of great artists.


Lancet Infectious Diseases – October 2016

An illustration for the October edition of the Lancet infectious diseases for an article titled, ‘Efficacy of topical mosquito repellent (picaridin) plus long-lasting insecticidal nets versus long-lasting insecticidal nets alone for control of malaria: a cluster randomised controlled trial.’

Helsinki Comics Festival – Sept 2016

My stall at the 2016 Helsinki Comic Festival. Big thanks to the organisers and all the great artists I met there.

Siberian super tea

A little package I designed for a Siberian super tea.

Lancet Infectious Diseases – September 2016

An illustration for the September issue of the Lancet for an article titled, ‘Antimicrobial stewardship across 47 South African hospitals: an implementation study.’

The High Flight

The High Flight poetry zine are using on of my illustrations as stimulus for a poetry competition. Looking forward to seeing the results. Check their facebook page for more info.

If we all spat at once – August 2016

I have a couple of comics in an excellent new comics anthology about class edited by Sam Wallman called, ‘If we all spat at once they’d drown.’ You can pick a copy up here and read a review here.

Lancet Infectious Diseases – August 2016

An Illustration for the cover of the August edition of the Lancet Infectious diseases for a study done in Corsica after there were cases of schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease that’s not been seen in Europe for decades.

Lancet Infectious Diseases – July 2016

An illustration for the July issue of the Lancet for an article titled,’Can treatment as prevention eliminate
HIV at country level?’

Lancet Infectious Diseases – June 2016

An illustration for the June issue of the Lancet for an article titled, ‘Detection and sequencing of Zika virus from amniotic fluid of fetuses with microcephaly in Brazil: a case study.’

New prints – May 2016

I have a new print and comic for sale in my shop, you’ll be able to pick them up at my stall at DIY Cultures in London as well.

DIY Cultures Festival – May 2016

I manned a stall at the the DIY Cultures festival in London on the 29th of May. A great event with tons of interesting stalls and talks.

Lancet Infectious Diseases – May 2016

An illustration I made for an article about how anti-biotics called ‘fluoroquinolones,’ should no longer be used for treatment of enteric fever in Nepal.

Auto-Rotate Cartoon – April 2016

A cartoon about one of my pet hates. I’ve also added a cartoon section to my site here.

Post Apocalyptic Capitalism – April 2016

A quick cartoon response to Paul Mason’s most recent ideological implosion.

 The cartoon is also featured in the Morning Star newspaper and strangely was re-tweeted by Mason himself.

International Times Issue 1 – April 2016

My comic, ‘The Letting Agent,’ featured in issue 1 of the International Times you can buy it here.


Lancet Infectious Diseases – April 2016

A cover Illustration for the April 2016 Edition of the Lancet Infectious Diseases for an article about how social protection spending can impact upon Tuberculosis burden.

Lancet Infectious Diseases – March 2016

Cover Illustration for the March 2016 Edition of the Lancet Infectious Diseases for an article about a trial for an Avian Influenza vaccine in Russia.

International Times Illustration – February 2016

An illustration for an article titled, ‘Syriza and the Anarchist Movement,’ for the 50th Anniversary Issue of The International Times. You can buy the magazine here. The Magazine also features one of the comics from my book Enjoyable Conversations in Glasgow.


Lancet Infectious Diseases – February 2016

An illustration for the cover of the February 2016 edition of the Lancet Infectious Diseases for an article about the spread of a bacteria resistant to the antibiotic Collistin originally found in pigs in China.

New Comic – The Letting Agent – Dec 2015

I have recently finished work on the first part of a new comic called, ‘The Letting Agent.’ This story is in the latest web edition of KomiKaze. It will also appear in the Scottish anthology, ‘Treehouse,’ and an Australian anthology called, ‘Comics about Class.’ I will also be publishing this as a stand alone comic in 2016.

Lancet Medical Journal – Cover Illustrations for 2016

I recently found out I will be the new cover illustrator for the Lancet Journal of Infectious Diseases for 2016. Below is an illustration for the January 2016 edition for an article about body surface decolonisation and bacteriuria.

Labour Conference – Trident Elephant in the room – Sept 2015

A quick cartoon about one of the Elephants in the room at the recent Labour Party conference in Brighton, this cartoon was also featured in the Morning Star newspaper.

DSEI/ David Cameron Tweet Cartoon – Sept 2015

David Cameron’s recent tweet wound me up me enough to make a new cartoon, also featured in the Morning Star Newspaper

Saari Residency – September 2015

I am beginning work on a new project about Free Software as part of the 2015 Saari Residency in Finland. I will be posting more information about the project as the work progresses.

Silent Comics Workshop, La Paz, Bolivia – April 2015

Some documentation of a silent comics/ book binding workshop I ran on Saturday the 25th of April at La Perra Gráfica Taller in La Paz. I also did a short interview about the workshop here. The name given to the workshop by one of the co-organisers Marco Toxico was, ‘RELÁMPAGO ESCOCES,’ meaning, ‘Scottish Lightning.’

The workshop lasted six hours, for the first three hours the students worked on a number of book binding methods including single and multiple signature pamphlet binds and two concertina binding methods, we also explored ways of making hard covers and dust sleeves.

After the book bindbinding section was completed I showed some examples of silent comics and gave a brief introduction into how I like to develop silent comic narratives. There will be a follow up workshop on the 9th of May where the students will bring in the Silent comics they have completed for review.

 Many thanks to everyone who helped at the gallery especially Marco Toxico, Daniela Rico and Faby Varnoux.

Biblioworks Workshop, Yamparez, Bolivia – April 2015

I recently got the opportunity to organise a drawing workshop at a small library in Yamparez, Bolivia for a library organisation called Bibilioworks. I had lots of help from some friends  and other professional volunteers from Bibilioworks. In the workshop which was conducted in Spanish we asked children to do some drawings of things that represented their culture including traditional clothes, fiestas, the typical foods they eat and animals that live in Bolivia. At the end of the workshop they cut their drawings out and montaged them onto a mountainous Bolivian landscape. Visit the Bibilioworks website here.


Comix Reader & Treehouse Anthologies – April 2015

I have comics in the latest issues of the Comix Reader and Treehouse anthologies. Treehouse is distributed around Scotland and the Comix Reader can be found in comic shops across the UK.

Left: Treehouse (cover by Stuart McAdam)
Right: Comix Reader (draft cover by Richard Cowdry)

Collaborative Rearch Group Show – March 2015

Some of my zines were displayed at an interesting conference titled, ‘Work and Art: How Artists Make a Living,’ organised by the Collaborative Research Group at the University for Creative Arts in Cantebury.


Tieten met haar – March 2015

I am happy to have a picture in the new issue of a wonderful Belgian comics and illustration anthology called Tieten met haar. It includes the work of 22 great artists so well worth a look.

24 Hour Comic – Dibuja o Muere – Jan 2015

I participated in my first ever 24 hour comic event in Santiago de Chile on the weekend of 31st Jan 2015. It was a wonderful event organised by a friendly group of comic artists from the Dibuja o Muere group. I didn’t quite fulfil the challenge which was to make a 24 page comic in 24 hour hours, I did draw 24 panels however which is good enough for me. I am going to develop this story into a longer narrative as part of a new book of short stories I am working on. Thanks to everyone I met at the event.

The point at which it last made sense

I was recently commissioned to create a new series of illutrations for a book to accompany this dance performance. Here is a sneak peak of one of the drawings I have been working on for it. I will post more images as soon as the book is published.

SAARI Artist Residency

 I recently found out I have been accepted onto the 2015 Saari Artist Residency in Finland to realise a new project titled, ‘Free vs Open vs Proprietary Software,’ inspired by the writings of Dmitri Kleiner and Richard Stallman. You can read more about the SAARI programme here:

Komikaze 13 – Oct 2014

I have a comic in issue 13 of Komikaze, an excellent European anthology. More info here:

Zine fair in Santiago de Chile – Oct 2014

 I recently moved to stay in Chile and so far have been lucky enough to meet the lovely people at the GONG! studio who let me participate in this fun zine fair. There were loads of exciting Chilean comics on display and the GONG! Studio itself was a splendid discovery as they make some wonderful satirical animations like this one about an AYE AYE working under precarious employment contracts. I was also introduced to some amazing zines from Bolivia and surprisingly a couple of librarians from the Universities of North Carolina and Michigan bought some of my books for their library collections up in the United States.

Alternative Press Pop up Shop – Oct 2014

 Some of my zines, prints, t-shirts and comics were on sale at this Pop up Shop in London recently organised by the amazing people at Alternative Press.

Bristol Comic and Zine Fair – Oct 2014

I’ll be doing a stall at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair on Saturday the 4th October. Full listings and a poster from their website are pasted below:  Bristol Comic and Zine Fair | Saturday 4th October | 12 – 6pm | FREE ENTRY The Station, Silver Street, Broadmead, Bristol See our amazing exhibitors here. Sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates!

Yuck ‘n’ Yum Zine Fair – Sept 2014

I happily participated in the Yuck ‘n’ Yum   zine fair at the Hannah McClure Centre in Dundee on the 13th September. There was a great crowd at the fair and an exciting pre-referendum atmosphere in the air in Dundee that weekend.

YES! Poster – Sept 2014

A little poster I designed for a pamphlet about Scottish Independence. It’s free to download here.

Helsinki Comic Festival – Sept 2014

I did a stall at the 2014 Helsinki Comics Festival again this year along with the Treehouse Comics Collective from Dundee. As always it was a great event.

Comic Soapbox Scotland – Sept 2014

A couple of my comics have been featured on the Comic Soapbox Scotland Website. There are lots of great stories on the site and I really recommend checking them all out: These comics also got quite a nice review on a Danish comics blog called Nummer 9

Auld Acquaintance Exhibition – Aug 2014

My Scrap Trident images have been on display as part of the Auld Acquaintance Exhibition organised by the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio in Glasgow at the Leiper Gallery and in London at the Guardian News & Media Gallery. The work has also previously been on show at the Centre International de la Caricature du Dessin de Press et d’Humour, St.Just -le-Martel and will tour in the autumn to the Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs, Lleida and the Université de Limoges.

Tin Roof Summer Show – Aug 2014

I had some work in my favorite gallery in Dundee in the Summer. Original drawings from my book ‘Big Bill’s Tattoos and Tattoo laser removals,’ were on display as part of the Tin Roof summer show.

Dublin Zine Fair – Aug 2014

Some of my books were on sale at the 2014 Dublin Zine Fair.

Stir to Action Exhibition – Aug 2014

I had some work on display in this exhibition of Political Illustration in Dorset curated by Stir to Action Magazine.

No Wealth for the Commons – Aug 2014

Some satirical illustrations I made for the Glasgow Games Monitor group were displayed in Stereo and the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow. They are also free to download here.

Public Zine Library

A number of my books and zines have been on display as part of the Public Zine Library which has toured to a number of exciting Galleries and Festivals like the Whitstable Biennale, The Toronto Zine Library and to Flat Time House in London.

Above: The Public Zine Library display at the Whitstable Biennale. Below: The Public Zine library display as part of the Legendary Jobs Exhibition at Flat Time House in London.

Half Bound – July 2014

I did yet another stall at a great Zine fair at the Abacus in Cardiff. Met lots of lovely people there.

Strange Cargo Zine Library – July 2014

Several of my zines have been on display at the Strange Cargo Zine Library in Folkestone.

Alternative Press Fair – May 2014

I did a stall at this wonderful festival of radical and small press books at the Bishopsgate Institute in London.

It’s Not Very Nice That – April 2014

Some of my books and original drawings were on display in this group exhibition of Political Graphic Design at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

Fumetto Comic Festival – Luzern – April 2014

I was lucky enough to participate in the Fumetto Comic Festival in the beautiful city of Luzern in Switzerland.  I met lots of great comic artists there like Andy Leuenberger and the Tieten Met Haar collective. I also got to stay in a real nuclear fallout bunker and climbed an Alp which was quite thrilling.

2013 Helsinki Comics Festival – Sept 2013

I did at stall at the Helsinki Comics Festival for the 2nd time. There were loads of great artists there like author of Epileptic David B. I was lucky enough to sit beside Valentine Gallardo, Charlotte Dumortier and Thijs Desmet, three very funny and talented artists from Belgium.

Stripped Comics Festival Edinburgh – Aug 2013

My first comic festival in Scotland where I sold my ‘Anderson Family,’ and ‘HImalaYA,’ books. The Stripped festival was a great event, the crowd were entertaining and I had a good chat with fellow stall holders Rob Miller and Metaphrog. Getting to hang out in the Edinburgh Book Festival Yurt was also fun.

Stir to Action Magazine Launch – April 2013

I had some work about the Kinder Scout Tresspass in this new magazine that launched at the Crate Brewery in London

Radiius Group Show – Oct 2012

I had some work in this group show as part of the 2012 Documents Film Festival at the CCA in Glasgow.

Komikaze #11

Some of my comics were published in Komikaze #11. This is one of the images from a horror story I made called ‘Adam’s Dream,’ that they published.

And’Art 2012 Poster Design

A little poster I designed in collaboration with Daniel Locke for the 2102 And’art Festival in Casablanca.

The Authorial Illustrator – Jan 2012

My work is featured alongside a long list of wonderful illustrators in this lush book published by Atlantic Press and University College Falmouth.

Citizen Artists Exhibition – Dec 2011

My ‘Tesco’s University,’ illustration was exhibited in this show at the Royal College of Art, the full title of the show was actually ‘Citizen Artists Take a Hard Look at our Economic Situation.’

Helsinki Comics Festival – Sept 2011

Here’s my stall at the Helsinki comics festival. It Included some new comic publications I’ve just self-published from the Adam’s Dream story and an array of prints. The stall seemed to go down well with the Helsinki crowd.   In addition to manning a stall I also participated in a discussion about British comics with some big British comics world players (Left to Right… Paul Gravett, Sam Arthur from No Brow Press, Brian & Mary Talbot, Warren Pleece and me). I gave my humble interpretation of what the comics scene is like in Glasgow.   The stall also included comics and books by some other glasgow based artists and comics collectives including Silje Eirin Aure and Khaki Shorts.

Tsarino 2011 – Aug 2011

I was lucky enough to participate in the 2011 Tsario Foundation Residency Programme. Tsarino is a deserted village without electricity and running water and home to a lot of wild tortoises! Very close to the border with Greece, it is located in the Rhodope mountain region in Kurdzhali, Bulgaria. Nearly the entire former population left Tsarino just before the fall of communism. Now that there’s only one remaining inhabitant, Tsarino has been removed from the map. The residency involved making new work for an exhibition in a nearby village called Chorbadzhiysko.   I designed this poster which was pinned up in a few different villages. That’s me by the bin! ‘ЦАРИНО’ means Tsarino and ‘Давид Питър Керр’ is my name written in Cyrillic.   I also exhibited a new series of drawings and prints based on some research I had been doing about search engines, operating systems, google, facebook, free software and open source technology. You can read a review of the exhibition in Edno magazine here and on the Rebel:Art blog here.        Here are some close ups of the drawings I exhibited. This one is titled ‘Usage share of web search engines March 2011.’    This one was titled, ‘Очаквана дялова печалба на google maps от Царино 2011′ which means ‘Predicted profit share for google maps from Tsarino 2011.′   There is also a lovely film about the residency.

Water Tower Arts Festival, Bulgaria – July 2011

I’m just back from Bulgaria where I was lucky enough to participate in the Water tower arts festival in Sofia and a residency with the Tsarino foundation in the middle of nowhere.    Thanks to the Hope Scott Trust for supporting my participation in the Water Tower Festival and to all of the nice people I met in Bulgaria. For more information check the Watertower Festival Facebook Page and Website. e’s a couple of close-up images of the beautiful Bath Building where some of my work was on display.

Catalyst Arts Publication

One of my comics was published in this anthology as part of the ‘¿@#!*$’ show at Catalyst Arts in Belfast. Some of the bigger names in the show included Chris Ware and Simone Lia.

Ligatura – Silent Comics Award – 2011

I’m happy to say that I came third place in the Ligatura International Silent Comics competition.   The work I submitted for the prize was exhibited in Poznań in Poland and is featured in the catalogue for the show. Check the Ligatura Facebook Page and Website for more information. Kus comics made a nice blog post about the festival and there is even some coverage of it on Polish television here.

Glasgow Works? – March 2011

I designed a poster and co-curated this film screening event in collaboration with Paul Larkin as part of the 2011 Document 9 Film Festival’s off site event. A selection of short films about poverty and alternative approaches to welfare reform like the Citizens Basic Income were screened and followed by a short talk and discussion facilitated by Ailsa Mackay.

A Drawback – Edinburgh Arts Festival – Aug 2010

Some documentation of the work I showed at the A Drawback show in Edinburgh curated by Witte Wartena.   Here’s an interview with the show’s curator:

Good bye old site

It was hard to say good bye to my old site but unfortunately using wordpress has just become a little more straight forward for me nowadays. Here is the only thing that remains from my old site, the old animated Gif logo…